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spc1. What does fasting mean?
Fasting is having nothing to eat or drink (except water) for ten hours prior to your visit (or after 10pm at night if you are coming in to the office in the morning). You may take all morning medications, except any diabetes pills, vitamins, and supplements.

2. What insurance do Dr. Kurth and Dr. Jones accept?
Dr. Kurth and Dr. Jones do not participate with any commercial insurance and they are non-participating physicians with Medicare. Payment is expected at the time of your appointment. Our office will provide you an itemized bill to submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

3. What forms of payment do you accept?
Our office accepts cash, checks, or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express).

4. What does Medicare non-participating mean?
When a doctor is non-participating, he/she does not accept assignment.

5. How do I submit to my insurance company?
You sign and date the bottom of the receipt that is given to you at the time of your visit. You attach this to one of your insurance claim forms and mail this to your carrier.

6. What is preventative medicine?
Generally speaking, preventative medicine is the part of medicine engaged with preventing disease rather than treating existing problems or symptoms. An example of preventative medicine is undergoing testing to screen for cancer or testing to stratify your risk for heart disease.

7. What are the office hours?
The office is generally open Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:30PM. Visits are by appointment. If you need a same day visit, please call the office early in the day to get an appointment.

8. Is blood work done in the office?
As a convenience to our patients, we do draw blood work here in the office. If you need to come in just for blood work, please call the morning of the day that you want to come in to get an appointment time. The fee for venipuncture is $50.00.

9. What do an annual exam and the new patient visit include?
Both of these exams are complete physicals that are required for all patients once a year. The fee for these visits includes blood drawing, urine testing, and an EKG if needed.

10. Can I get referrals from your office? Or preauthorization?
We can provide names and contact information for any consultations you may require; we work with a number of exceptional specialists in all fields of medicine and health. Since we do not participate with any insurance, we unfortunately are not authorized to write referrals to other physicians, which some insurance plans may require.
Preauthorization is done if necessary to perform any test that the doctor recommends.


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